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Berit Holdings is 100% New Zealand Owned, and proud to offer respective markets and companies turnkey solutions, through innovative and smart technology systems and products over a vast array of industries.

Berit Holdings supply services and solutions to industries from passive and active fire protection installations and products, corrosion control, asbestos encapsulation, facility / asset management, and project management.

We use latest technology across the different companies to deliver a positive and lasting experience to our customers.
We are a people-friven group of companies and have highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable people in their field of expertise that drives each business unit to be successful in every way, yet relying on the strength of the Berit Holdings group of companies.


To provide innovative cost effective solutions to the building sector.


To inspire the clients we work with through innovation, in order to save time & money.


We are committed to being honest, effective and reliable in all services and products we deliver.


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Acts with Ethics and Honesty


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Our Companies

RedCrow Auckland Limited is a specialist Passive Fire Protection Company. The core business is to contain and prevent the spread of fire within buildings, to provide safe passage for people to exit buildings and to protect the property in the event of a fire. We install passive fire protection products and systems to achieve fire and smoke separation based on the required FFR specified for each project. All the products and systems used are tested and approved to the required BRANZ standards and New Zealand building code. We are proud members of FPA New Zealand and are Firetech level 4 certified. We offer a professional and complete passive fire protection solution to both the new construction industry as well as the reverb industry.

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iPASSIVE doesn’t just provide passive fire protection products, we provide streamlined solutions. We are big on results, so testing is a vital part of our business. Our comprehensive product range is tested and assessed according to AS1530.4 and AS 4072.1. iPASSIVE continually engages with industry to ensure our products are not just fit for purpose, but great to work with too. The iPASSIVE team is with you all the way, from advising you on the very best fire solutions. We offer our clients next level service delivery using the latest technology

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Specialised Fire NZ provide developers with resident experts with the international expertise and experience to provide solutions to their active fire protection requirements. The services we provide are full design-build installation and maintenance packages. We are set on employing and developing highly skilled staff members, as we firmly believe that a company is just as good as its people. We provide clients with reliable, economically viable fire protection systems which are backed by our capacity to effectively utilize the latest available technology. Our comprehensive service and uncompromising commitment to quality and professionalism ensure that we will achieve and maintain a position as an industry leader.

Value Proposition

  • Excellence in superior design
  • Quality of installation
  • Unrivalled attention to detail
  • Strict adherence to fire protection standards and codes
  • Non-negotiable client satisfaction

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MCU-Coatings Your leading global manufacturer of moisture cure polyurea (MCU). Offering protective coatings for steel, concrete, aluminium, and most other surfaces. Suitable for on-shore and off-shore applications and best for C5M and C5I environments. With over 30 years’ experience and knowledge, MCU-Coatings is recognised as a leader in moisture cure polyurea (MCU) coating technologies worldwide. Our single component system eases the application process thereby ensuring a faster project completion time. MCU-Coatings can be applied in less than ideal conditions. There are no dew point restrictions and it can be applied in conditions from 6% up to 99% humidity and in temperatures as low as -20°C, Saving Time, Saving Money. The many advantages including durability and corrosion resistance provide a guaranteed lower cost of ownership over the asset life cycle. This product is in a league of its own!

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Armour Projects are qualified specialists who offer a tailored service towards all projects. The services we offer are design, construct and maintaining your assets. We fulfill the entire project lifecycle from start to finish as an all-encompassing service, from project managing on your behalf to execute the project. We value cost, time, safety and quality in our approach to your business

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FacilityPro is your professional partner in facilities and asset management. We support your organisation with unique proactive problem-solving solutions. FacilityPro offers a wide range of services that can help your organisation run more efficiently due to our latest smart Technology. We take care of all your budgeting, forecasting, and maintenance, planning and implementation on all your facilities. Our team works together with you on critical thinking and becomes invested in protecting and maintaining your assets.

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